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Lingerie is your personality, your second "skin" and comfort. Regardless of the weather outside the window, the season, outerwear or jewelry, underwear instills confidence and sets the right mood for the whole day ahead!
Lace underwear for women is a universal tool for raising mood, self-confidence. irresistibility. It can emphasize and complement your image, decorate it with a special note of sexuality and desirability. & Nbsp;

Fashionable underwear for women

Be stylish - so simple! From season to season, designers work on styles, introduce new fabrics and new technologies for their production, use new approaches to create truly unique sets of lingerie, so that on the grayest day, wearing a bright intriguing set under a formal suit, you feel at your best !
Having decided to buy lingerie, you don't have to go to boutiques in search of the very model that will complement the look. Our online store has the largest selection of lingerie for every mood! For a bold, seductive look, a business suit and comfortable options for every day. & Nbsp;

Stylish underwear

Many men are sure that underwear is divided into only two types: panties and bras. Oh, how wrong they are! After all, this is a whole universe of various elements, stylish cuts, delicate fabrics and amazing lace! Bras, bodysuits and bustiers, stockings and belts, thongs and high-waisted panties - there are many incredibly beautiful and sexy styles!
Choose any of the presented models - you will be charming!
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Types of underwear for women

Push-up bras or busts with soft cups, transparent inserts and floral ornaments - this kind of underwear for women can win any heart! Erotic panties made of silk or lace fabrics in delicate pastel shades or bright colors. All favorite bodysuits that fit comfortably on the body and provide comfort during physical activity. Models with long or short sleeves, with a high neckline or & nbsp; round roll-out, body T-shirts with buttons - any woman will find a model to her taste in our online store!
It's hard to imagine a girl who can do without stockings and tights! They are almost invisible under clothes, but without them the image will not be complete. Stockings with a silicone frill on the inside of the elastic are considered a more convenient option. It provides a good hold on the leg. In addition to them, we offer elastic garters with a lace belt - today such models are in great demand and popularity. & Nbsp;
Nightwear, shirts and negligees, bustiers, which have become a clever trick to form a lush chest and this to make the waist thinner due to the sewn frame. Corrective underwear for women, thanks to which problem areas are noticeably hidden: sides, stomach, buttocks are tightened. Pay attention to the photo and get inspired for the perfect image. & Nbsp;

Popular materials

For sewing underwear in Ukraine, they are used as natural fabrics - cotton and silk - and artificial: viscose, bamboo, modal. Manufacturers often turn to synthetic fabrics such as polyester, polyamide and microfiber. The composition is indicated in the description of each model.

How to choose lingerie

Enrich your collection of beautiful and seductive lingerie with Fox Lingerie! Arm yourself with a centimeter and measure your waist, fix your parameters and go for new clothes. Seductive women's underwear is a must-have in your wardrobe!
Affordable price, great choice and excellent quality we guarantee!