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Women's swimsuit is not just clothes for water procedures: you can choose it according to the mood and the resort, on even days wear a model with shoulder straps, and on odd days - without, with ruffles, cups and without, separate and one-piece , with a skirt and in the form of elegant shorts, closed and revealing, with and without push-up. And whichever model you prefer, Fox Lingerie will provide the best choice.

Going to the sea, buy several sets at once: as open as possible for sunbathing by the pool, sports - for activities on the beach and in the water, playful - for parties by the pool and other resort entertainment.

Each season presents us with new trends that manufacturers are successfully implementing in their new models.

Varieties and features of swimwear styles

The styles of bathing suits can be very different - separate, one-piece and in the form of a monokini:

· bikini - open panties for perfect tanning;

· slip-on trunks - classic, adapted for swimming;

· shorts - for those who like to always be "in sport".

Swimwear with a high cut of the thigh, as well as models with a high waist, are quite popular.

One-piece swimsuits have even more variations:

Mayo - the back and belly are covered, have a V-shaped or round roll-out to highlight the neckline;

· Plunge - a frank version, popular due to the deep, reaching to the belly neckline and elongated triangular rollout, slims the figure well, looks stylish and piquant;

· high neck - swimsuit that hides the neckline and back under the very neck.

Among the separate swimsuits you can find no less interesting and fashionable styles of bodices and panties:

· bandeau or strapless bodice - fits tightly on the body, perfect for petite girls, but beauties with curvaceous forms will be a little awkward, since there is no necessary support and fixation - which creates the risk of being left without a bodice;

halter - one strap around the neck, can be with push-up filling, looks great on different figures, one-piece models are also possible;

· tankini - the most closed version, the upper part of which is made in the form of a top;

· a tank is not only the name of military equipment, but also a type of interesting bathing suit, where the function of the bodice is performed by a T-shirt, often with a push-up effect.

How to choose a swimsuit for any shape

It is necessary to prepare for the beach season in advance in order to be 100% sure of your irresistibility. Women's swimsuits have many options, they amaze with styles, colors, all kinds of threads and jumpers. All that remains is to find your ideal one - and not one, but several at once!

You need to choose a model taking into account your forms, emphasizing where necessary and diverting attention from problem areas. Here are a few tricks you need to know when choosing a set: to make your legs seem longer, give preference to models with a high cut of the thigh at the swimming trunks, and to add slimness, it is better to buy a swimsuit with a vertical print. Strict geometry is still appropriate: vertical lines will make the silhouette more sophisticated.

One-piece models, monokini with an insert in the front, as well as separate high-waisted panties will help to hide the imperfections of the abdomen. To avoid tanning problems, choose a strapless model - for example, a bikini or a bandeau with open swimming trunks, and if you have small breasts, look for a push-up bodice and the same bandeau, decorated with frills, ruffles and sequins. Brazilians will emphasize the rounded shape of the buttocks.

An impression can be made not only by the shape, but also by the color of the bathing outfit. Now in the list of must-haves for every fashionista, one-piece monochrome models with the most open back and a high cut on the hips. The belief that only in separate swimsuits women's lines can look more sexy is completely wrong.

Do not forget about the popularity of shades: give preference to colors that are in demand this season and that are classics. White, black and red are always in fashion and will look great in any season.

Fox Lingerie - the largest selection of swimwear!

Military colors are very popular this season. A one-piece shape is best for these swimwear. You can complement the look with a stylish khaki beach bag and a banana thigh. Wow effect guaranteed!

Prints are still relevant: leopard spots, flowers, patterns of incredible beauty, not necessarily traditional shades. Designers surprise with bold decisions, just have time to follow! If you are a romantic person, then feel free to choose floral prints. If not, then you can always give preference to the white or black set, which are classics of the genre.

Feel free to experiment and be more liberated! Get a suit with lacing in the neckline or on the back - this will add a special piquancy to your figure. Knitted elements, sequins, flounces, tassels, ruffles on the hips and neckline will add playfulness and coquetry to the image! Bright neon women's swimwear, such as pink, light green, yellow, electric blue, will always be in the spotlight!

Choose any model of the Fox Lingerie brand - these are the best swimwear for girls that can show all the beauty of the body!