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About Us

We started our first steps in September 2015. Yes, we are so small, but we managed to achieve good, in our humble opinion, results: quit tailoring by individual measures, began to produce new collections every season, expanded the range of sizes from 10 to 20, took part in a fashion show, established wholesales abroad, opened a showroom, “raised” an Instagram account from 0 to 80 thousand subscribers, 2+2 channel” did a story about us for Ukrainian start-up's program, and the most important thing, in 2019 we registered the Agent Fox trademark (Fox Lingerie before). And that means step by step, we are approaching the goal of “becoming a global brand” and getting all women dressed in our underwear.

How did we do it? We just love our business and we are not trying to copy anyone, quite the contrary we are making a product that other manufacturers are trying to copy. But you will not find worthy analogs, because our “brand mother” creates unprecedented models and travels abroad searching for lace and accessories. All this in order to make your friends and men give you compliments. Love yourself and indulge in the beauty of Agent Fox Lingerie.